About Scents of Music

We offer a multi-sensory experience bringing together three unique art forms: scents, sound and visuals.

We   love   to

combine essential oils

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Why adding scents to a performance ?
Because olfactory effects complement musical and visual art . They revive specific memories and they frame the performance as a ritual.


For the sound we have different setups.
A Live Act with percussionist. We create ambient atmospheres with our live act on demand. And our DJ's will make you dance.


Our visuals are mostly designed and made by ourselves to be a perfect match with the scents. Together with live music a perfect combination.

Come to our place and relax for a while in an ambient atmosphere.

Impression of our work

We've collected the best pictures and movies for you.

Scents ritual

A 30 min ritual with healing

Scents on demand

You ask us to mix your
favorite scents. More info

Tipi Experience

Two days performance with different acts. More info

Scents and meditation

Scents and meditation.

Scents on demand

You ask us to mix your
favorite scents. More info

Our scents market

Your favorite essential oil
always around you. More info

From Ambient to Dance

Festival concept. A whole day the best scents and music.

Video mapping

more infoPenrose handcrafted Vj screen with light effects for an amazing new dimension.

Who we are

Sylvia & Marco are Scents of Music
We perform on festivals and club nights.

scents sylvia


Sylvia is always in search for new Scents and essential oils.
With her ancient knowledge of healing aromatherapy she is the best in choosing the right scents for you.



Acting as a live artist he fills the room with colorful visuals in balance with the scents. As well an master of ceremonies in the aromatherapy sessions.

Get in touch with us

Contact us for any artistic collaboration. Send us an e-mail to marco@scentsofmusic.nl
and we come back to you as soon as possible